United States Government WAR on…….. the United States of America

Today we talk about how are military readiness is being compromised by the jab. Also how the Government is putting us all at risk and our local elected officials are part of the well oiled machine to destroy us all.

Leaving 2021 with a Bang!

Pastor Matt Trewhella and Candidate for WI. Governor Jonathan Wichmann join Justin to discuss the most important issues going into the new year. We must get Constitutional Conservatives elected to maintain our Republic. 

The importance of County Supervisors

Justin sits down with Martin Kretzmann who is running for Pierce County WI. District 8 Supervisor. We discuss how a strong Bottom up government would protect the lives of Americans instead of the Top down overreach we are all facing. 

Constitutional Disaster!

NY has created a new law essentially giving the Governor the power of ROYALTY!

The 14th amendment has been violated and the NY government does not care! 

The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land

Real Leaders is what we need for Christmas!

Chicago is implementing vaccine passports starting in the New Year and will eventually make  its way to WI. 

FEMA now has a small claim in WI.

Real leadership needs to happen in the coming year or we will all be showing our papers!

Democrats, RepubliCAN’Ts and RepubliCANS

We compare Democrats, RepubliCAN’Ts and RepubliCANS. Funny email and Robin Vos, Speaker and RepubliCAN’Ts that keep him around.

Kleefisch and the Chamber of Nonsense!

We currently have a candidate for governor here in WI. That claims to be the most pro life governor candidate of all. The sad reality is that the past says otherwise. Was it money they stopped many bills protecting our unborn or was it just not caring? We dive into the baby body parts bills and the truth is shocking.

Don’t be fooled by Gableman!

The investigation that Gableman and Vos have been spending tons of money on and waisting tons of time on are nothing more than a curtain trick being pulled on the people if WI. Gableman is also been out among the people and many have said they heard him say that he can not stand Vos. This is nothing more that a hat trick for inside access into the many Patriot groups that have formed throughout WI!

Women of BSR- False narratives

Tori and Jeanette sit down to discuss the false narratives portrayed by the Woke Media. Many in which the alt left is now walking back.

Being lied to by those we should trust and hold in high esteem.

We reach out and look at what’s happening in the world and conclude that we are being lied to by those we should be able to trust.  How a free country is being censored by government and media and why it is happening.

Wisconsin Republicans hoping for a landslide in 2022. May not be that easy!

2022 should be a super landslide for Republican all over the country yet in Wisconsin it may not be as easy as they had hoped. List of ten things to help you get elected!